Bucks County Genealogy. Hibbs, Pursell and related families
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Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania

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Land Plot
Land Plot
Draft of the Real Estate of Brice Pursell, surveyed Nov 27, 1834.
1900 Census, Bridgeton, Bucks
1900 Census, Bridgeton, Bucks
John Miller


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Clarissa J.  1852Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8616 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Ellen  1836Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8625 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Liveria  Sep 1869Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5616 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Matilda  1844Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8619 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Rachel  1833Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5605 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Sarah  1848Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8611 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Andrews, Dennis  1816Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2816 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Andrews, John  1855Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2819 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Briner, Ella Nora  Abt 1862Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1269 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Fisher, Alexina  06 Oct 1842Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1273 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Fisher, Hannah  23 Sep 1831Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5093 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Fisher, John  25 Dec 1802Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I917 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Fluck, Elizabeth  1838Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8327 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Foor, Eveline  05 Sep 1830Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1472 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Foor, Livinia  14 Sep 1832Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1059 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Foor, Michael  Abt 1790Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1048 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Frankenfield, Mable M.  Feb 1888Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8198 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Frankenfield, Reuben  1837Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2446 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Frankenfield, Stephen  1869Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2436 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Fulmer, Anna E.  1860Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8359 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Fulmer, Catherine  30 Aug 1827Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5091 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Fulmer, Dennis  1840Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1073 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Fulmer, Edmund F.  1865Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8364 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Fulmer, Franey  1832Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1070 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Fulmer, George Washington  1838Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1072 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Fulmer, Jacob  1829Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1069 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Fulmer, Johnson P.  1824Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1067 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Fulmer, Kate M.  1869Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8363 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Fulmer, Mary Jane  1834Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1071 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Fulmer, Samuel  1842Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1074 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Fulmer, Thomas J.  1868Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8362 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Fulmer, Thomas P  3 Sep 1820Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I872 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Fulmer, William  1825Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1068 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Fulmer, William D.  1863Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8361 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Godown, Lillian  1912Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2627 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Godown, Wilbur  2 Sep 1907Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2625 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Gray, Andrew J.  1858Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2459 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Gray, Annette  1845Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2461 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Gray, Cornelius  1853Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2454 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Gray, Daniel  1859Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2455 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Gray, Ella M  Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2462 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Gray, George  1868Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2458 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Gray, Hannah  1855Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2460 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Gray, Jeremiah  1850Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2456 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Gray, John  1852Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2457 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Gray, Joshua B  1862Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2453 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Grover, James  Abt 1852Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1484 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Hammerstone, Amanda  7 Oct 1852Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5607 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
49 Hammerstone, Augustus  1854Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5606 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
50 Hammerstone, Clarissa  1865Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5610 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Annie M.  1940Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8233 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Catherine  1889Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I857 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Elizabeth  30 Mar 1912Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11724 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Andrews, George  Aft 1860Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I890 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Cosner, Mary  1912Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8218 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Diehl, Ellamina  02 May 1962Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1530 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Fisher, Alexina  25 Jan 1913Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1273 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Fisher, Hannah  07 Feb 1877Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5093 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Fluck, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1896Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8327 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Foor, Michael  Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5098 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Foor, Ruth  30 Jun 1875Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1060 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Fulmer, Catherine  03 Nov 1830Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5091 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Gwinner, Emma  Bef 13 Dec 1900Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8172 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Gwinner, William H.  17 Feb 1925Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8174 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Hammerstone, Estella  30 Jan 1928Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1887 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Haney, Hugh S.  1944Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8591 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Haney, John W.  1892Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8594 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Haney, Jonas Lear  1969Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2168 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Houseworth, John L.  08 Nov 1908Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1062 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Kohl, Aaron  27 Jan 1905Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8326 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Leichliter, Aaron  1921Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1512 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Leichliter, James  1953Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5383 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Leichliter, Samuel  Aft 1940Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5382 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 McFerren, Henry  Aft 1850Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1268 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Moore, Catherine  12 Aug 1848Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I983 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Pursell, Brice  26 Sep 1830Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1076 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Pursell, Brice Moore  18 Jun 1885Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I794 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Pursell, Brice S.  22 Nov 1925Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1255 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Pursell, Dennis  15 Feb 1860Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I870 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Pursell, Jacob  17 Apr 1860Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I874 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Pursell, Jennie  1969Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I32 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Pursell, Jennie T.  1963Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1044 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Pursell, John  Dec 1804Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1886 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Pursell, John  Bef 15 Apr 1816Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I884 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Pursell, John  21 May 1927Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I858 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Pursell, Joseph  3 Oct 1911Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I384 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Pursell, Mary  30 Apr 1830Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1279 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Pursell, Mary Elizabeth  1929Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I854 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Pursell, Peter  30 May 1957Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Pursell, Sylvania  03 Feb 1914Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1091 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Scheetz, Benjamin P.  16 Dec 1884Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1426 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Scheetz, Evaline  21 Mar 1879Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1442 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Scheetz, John  04 Nov 1875Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1428 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Scheetz, John  2 Mar 1886Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11562 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Scheetz, Reuben  19 Mar 1865Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1424 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Seaman, Sarah  24 Aug 1862Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I871 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Shaffer, George W.  1906Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8217 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Shaffer, Harvey E.  1879Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8494 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
49 Sigafoos, Frederick  Bef 1893Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8604 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
50 Sigafoos, Margaret  1922Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8595 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, George  1811Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I890 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Foor, Michael  1796Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1048 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Fulmer, Jacob  Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1274 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Fulmer, Jacob  1850Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1069 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Fulmer, Johnson P.  1850Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1067 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Fulmer, Thomas P  1850Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I872 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Fulmer, William  1850Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1068 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Pursell, Daniel M.  1842Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I785 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Pursell, Frederick  Between 1850 and 1860Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1661 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Pursell, Isaac  Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1614 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Pursell, John C.  1860Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I880 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Pursell, Peter  Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Pursell, Thomas  1842Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1324 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, Dennis  1860Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2816 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Fulmer, Thomas P  1860Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I872 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Godown, Nellie Geneva  1910Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1158 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Houseworth, Howard  1880Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2799 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Houseworth, John L.  1880Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1062 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Houseworth, Leveria  1880Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2800 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Houseworth, Orville  1880Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2801 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Pursell, Austin  1910Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I898 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Pursell, Charles  1910Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I895 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Pursell, Isaac  Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1614 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Pursell, Minnie  1971Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1527 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Templeton, Nathan  1870Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I365 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Will   Person ID   Tree 
1 Pursell, Daniel M.  31 Aug 1887Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I785 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   _MILT   Person ID   Tree 
1 Frankenfield, William  Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8184 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Spear / Pursell  16 Oct 1883Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2654 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Pursell / Hunt  14 Nov 1898Bridgeton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F3805 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore