Bucks County Genealogy. Hibbs, Pursell and related families
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Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania

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1850 Census Falls Township
1850 Census Falls Township
Phineas Jenkins
1860 Census, Falls Township
1860 Census, Falls Township
George Allen
1850 Census, Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1850 Census, Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Mariah Mershon Lovett
1850 Census, Falls, Bucks
1850 Census, Falls, Bucks
Mariah Mershon Lovett, pt 2
1850 Census, Falls Township
1850 Census, Falls Township
Spencer W. Buckman
1880 Census, Falls Township
1880 Census, Falls Township
Charles Parsons, Alfred Parsons
1850 Census, Falls Township
1850 Census, Falls Township
Charles Wise
1860 Census, Falls Township
1860 Census, Falls Township
Charles Wise


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ella W.  1861Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7493 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Parsons, Ann  Abt 1819Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8119 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Parsons, Lavinia  1811Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8118 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Allen, Benjamin F.  1838Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6634 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Appleton, Charles  1842Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7223 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Appleton, David Randall  1836Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3498 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Blackshaw, Rebecca  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3794 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Bowman, Amy  1816Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1876 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Bowman, Ann  Abt 1780Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I150 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Bowman, Daniel  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1875 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Bowman, Daniel  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3526 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Bowman, David  21 Jul 1793Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2019 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Bowman, Elizabeth  1800Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2031 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Bowman, Hannah  1792Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2000 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Bowman, Henry  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1881 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Bowman, Joseph  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I107 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Bowman, Mary  1776Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1879 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Bowman, Mercy  1806Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I110 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Bowman, Phoebe  1775Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1783 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Bowman, Rachel  1804Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2017 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Bowman, Rachel  1810Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8756 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Bowman, Rebecca  1795Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2015 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Boyd, Ann  1808Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8787 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Boyd, Elizabeth  1814Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8798 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Boyd, Joseph  1806Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8796 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Boyd, Mary  1811Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8797 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Brelsford, Benjamin  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3803 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Brelsford, John  07 Jan 1744Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3805 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Brelsford, Judith  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3802 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Brelsford, Martha  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3804 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Brodnax, John  Abt 1810Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5249 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Brodnax, John  1831Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8790 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Brodnax, Joseph  1827Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8788 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Brodnax, Sarah  1822Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8789 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Brodnax, Thomas  1799Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8786 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Brodnax, Thomas James Boyd  3 Oct 1836Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8791 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Brown, Amanda  1837Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8572 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Brown, Burton  1900Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7753 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Brown, Frank  1848Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8576 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Brown, George W.  Abt 1809Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3233 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Brown, Victoria  1841Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8573 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Brown, Washington  1843Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8574 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Buckman, Charles  15 Jul 1842Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7661 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Buckman, Elizabeth  1839Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7660 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Buckman, Sarah  5 Mar 1854Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7678 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Buckman, Wallace  1845Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7662 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Burgess, Daniel  1787Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8004 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Burgess, Hannah  23 Feb 1755Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8005 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
49 Burgess, Joseph  31 May 1752Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7999 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
50 Burgess, Phoebe  20 Aug 1769Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8007 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Clara M.  1923Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7638 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Mary  Bef 24 Jul 1800Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6060 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Phoebe  Bef 17 Feb 1859Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7996 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Priscella  1880Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6632 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Sarah B.  1905Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7642 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Parsons, Abraham  1 Feb 1832Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8113 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Albertson, Elizabeth C.  27 Jul 1870Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7641 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Appleton, Richard  Bef 08 Sep 1843Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4331 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Baines, Mary Elizabeth  22 Feb 1966Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I845 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Blackshaw, Nehemiah  Bef 07 Jan 1744Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6059 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Booz, Amos G.  12 Sep 1848Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6257 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Bowman, Daniel  Bef 1842Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1875 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Bowman, Henry  1842Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I111 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Bowman, Joseph  Bef 1842Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I107 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Bowman, Phoebe  18 Apr 1859Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1783 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Boyd, James  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8794 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Brelsford, Benjamin  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2482 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Briggs, John  Bef 19 Nov 1858Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6873 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Brodnax, Thomas  1817Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1721 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Brown, George W.  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3233 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Buckman, Margaret  Bef 11 Aug 1842Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6821 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Buckman, Mary B.  1920Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7640 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Burgess, Amos  Bef 27 Aug 1860Falls, bucks, Pennsylvania I8002 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Burgess, Daniel  Bef 17 Mar 1794Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7997 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Burgess, Daniel  1860Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8004 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Burgess, Edith  Bef 8 May 1861Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7988 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Burgess, Phoebe  Bef 27 Jun 1840Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8007 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Cheston, Joel  1 Jul 1862Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8577 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Cheston, Thomas  Abt 1832Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3221 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Crozer, Elizabeth  24 Nov 1897Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4825 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Crozer, Rachel  14 Sep 1844Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8451 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Crozer, Samuel  12 Apr 1847Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4824 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Doble, Elizabeth  Bef Jul 1828Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5007 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Doble, Zebdee  16 Sep 1887Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6259 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Green, Abacca  10 Jan 1910Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7072 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Green, Barcley I.  08 Jan 1848Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7037 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Headley, Joseph  Bef 2 Apr 1863Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7989 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Headley, Lydia  Bef 1 Apr 1848Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7987 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Hellings, John  15 Oct 1845Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2002 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Hough, Jesse  Bef Jan 10 1825Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3789 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Hutchinson, Phoebe  06 Mar 1815Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4116 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Ivins, Barclay  3 Oct 1866Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8453 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Jenkins, Charles  1837Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1880 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Larue, Jesse  1814Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6721 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Larue, Moses  28 Feb 1795Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6701 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Larzalere, Catherine  21 May 1792Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5892 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Lovett, Ann  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3232 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Lovett, Daniel M.  1889Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7631 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
49 Lovett, Edmund  Bef 30 Apr 1782Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4115 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
50 Lovett, Evan  Bef 01 Feb 1802Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4791 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Briggs, Benjamin  1826Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6992 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Lovett, Evan  Bef 01 Feb 1802Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4791 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowman, Henry  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I111 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Bowman, Joseph  Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I107 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Carter, James H.  1850Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6038 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Lovett, John H.  1850Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4114 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Lynn, Alexander  1850Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7364 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Probate   Person ID   Tree 
1 Lynn, Alexander  27 May 1892Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7364 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Sotcher, John  26 Feb 1729Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3190 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baines, Mary Elizabeth  1930Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I845 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Hibbs, Evaline W.  1880Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I88 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Milnor, William  1880Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I254 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Milnor, William  1880Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I255 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Muffett, Margerette  1920Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1686 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Pursell, Leonard Maurice  1930Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I117 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 White, Peter  1860Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I532 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Yates, Herbert H.  1920Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3167 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Will   Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  30 Apr 1772Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6060 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Phoebe  20 May 1858Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7996 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Blackshaw, Nehemiah  11 Aug 1743Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6059 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Burgess, Amos  15 Dec 1851Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8002 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Burgess, Daniel  5 Oct 1793Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7997 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Burgess, Edith  2 Sep 1858Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7988 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Burgess, Phoebe  19 Dec 1838Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8007 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Green, Theodore S.  25 Oct 1871Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7055 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Headley, Joseph  2 Apr 1863Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7989 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Larue, Daniel  6 Feb 1838Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6722 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Larue, Moses  09 Feb 1795Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6701 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Lovett, Edmund  25 Dec 1773Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4115 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Lynn, Alexander  11 Aug 1880Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7364 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Moon, William L.  28 Jul 1894Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7644 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Parsons, Charles A.  8 Dec 1884Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7349 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Parsons, Isaac  06 May 1815Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1719 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Richardson, Joseph  29 Mar 1858Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2032 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Rue, Richard  26 Dec 1870Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6457 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Sotcher, John  6 Dec 1729Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3190 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Stackhouse, Martha  01 May 1854Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6659 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Watson, Mark  7 Nov 1741Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7259 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Burgess / Sisom  17 Aug 1750Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2770 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Parsons / Anderson  5 Apr 1821Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2379 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Brodnax / Boyd  5 Oct 1826Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2756 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Moon / Williamson  1839Falls, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2475 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore