Bucks County Genealogy. Hibbs, Pursell and related families
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Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania

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1850 Federal Censu, Bristol Township
1850 Federal Censu, Bristol Township
Jessie Brelsford
1850 Federal Census, Bristol Township
1850 Federal Census, Bristol Township
James G. Hibbs
1850 Federal Census, Bristol Township
1850 Federal Census, Bristol Township
Robert B. Hibbs
1850 Federal Census, Bristol Township
1850 Federal Census, Bristol Township
1910 Census, Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1910 Census, Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Thomas & kate Scheetz
Land Plot
Land Plot
William Brodnax. Shows division of land to settle estate.
Land Plot
Land Plot
Mahlon G. Hibbs, Bristol Township Bath Road property sold to Jamees B. King
Land Plot
Land Plot
Jacob Hibbs' land, Bristol Township, abuts Benjamin Brittain, dec'd, William coxe, Wood Stock Village, Capt John Green,John Sisom, Late Wm. Sisom.
Land Plot
Land Plot
Elizabeth Brelsford's land, abuts Anthony swain, david White, husband Jesse's land, Joseph White, Wm cox,
Land Plot
Land Plot
John Booz, Bristol Township
Land Plot
Land Plot
John Sisom, Bristol Township
Land Plot
Land Plot
Ann Nancy Hibbs, Bristol Township. Abuts Joshua Wright, Mary Taylor, William R. Rogers, Robert Wright, Lawrence Johnson, Benjamin Bull.
1860 Census, Bristol Township
1860 Census, Bristol Township
Robert B. Hibbs, Samuel Stackhouse
1930 Census, Bristol Township
1930 Census, Bristol Township
Charles Milnor
1850 Census, Bristol Township
1850 Census, Bristol Township
John Louderbough
1779 Bristol Township 2nd General Tax
1779 Bristol Township 2nd General Tax
Single Men, Stephen Guyon
1779 Bristol Township Tax
1779 Bristol Township Tax
John Sisom
1779 Bristol Township Tax
1779 Bristol Township Tax
Henry Mitchell, Isaac Parsons
1779 Bristol Township Tax list
1779 Bristol Township Tax list
Elizabeth Guyon Hibbs, Elizabeth Johnson Hibbs Kelly, Joshua Headley,
1900 Census, Bristol Township
1900 Census, Bristol Township
Benjamin F. Vanzant
1910 Census, Bristol Township
1910 Census, Bristol Township
Benjamin Vanzant
1850 Census, Bristol Township
1850 Census, Bristol Township
Benjamin Vandegritf
1870 Bristol Township Census
1870 Bristol Township Census
Anthony Burton and Sons


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna  1825Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5247 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Annie M.  1838Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2947 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Martha  11 Nov 1781Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5002 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Mary  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3868 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Rebecca C.  1844Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2924 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Appleton, Joseph  1836Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3417 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Appleton, Mary  1840Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3418 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Appleton, William  1860Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4329 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Bailey, Beulah  1841Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4512 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Barton, Benjamin  Abt 1790Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4292 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Bidgood, Ann L.  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I518 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Bidgood, Elizabeth  1799Bristol township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8035 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Bidgood, Esther  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7255 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Bidgood, Hannah  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7253 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Bidgood, John  1895Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8034 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Bidgood, Mary  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7251 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Bidgood, Sarah  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7249 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Bidgood, William  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7248 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Bidgood, William Rodman  1794Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8033 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Bispham, Lewis  11 Jan 1884Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5280 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Booz, Albert  17 Feb 1834Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3405 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Booz, Amos G.  1898Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6257 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Booz, Ann  1806Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5731 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Booz, Anna  15 Nov 1831Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2087 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Booz, Anna Mary  1852Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3773 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Booz, Daniel  Abt 1787Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6239 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Booz, David  1802Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5728 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Booz, Elias  15 Nov 1807Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5727 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Booz, Elizabeth  Abt 1772Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I347 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Booz, Elizabeth  Abt 1819Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5733 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Booz, Frances  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3415 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Booz, Henry S.  1837Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3406 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Booz, Jacob  1774Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3653 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Booz, Jacob  Abt 1804Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5730 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Booz, Jesse L.  10 Dec 1831Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3404 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Booz, John  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5709 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Booz, John P.  Abt 1766Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6238 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Booz, John S.  Abt 1830Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3403 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Booz, Jonathan  1805Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5729 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Booz, Jonathan H.  1849Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5740 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Booz, Joseph  Abt 1785Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3659 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Booz, Joseph  Abt 1794Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3413 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Booz, Levinia  23 Jul 1809Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6258 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Booz, Martha E.  1854Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5741 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Booz, Mary  1796Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3414 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Booz, Naomi  1789Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1754 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Booz, Peter  Abt 1795Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3402 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Booz, Rebecca  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1257 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
49 Booz, Sarah  10 Jun 1817Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5732 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
50 Booz, Sarah Ann  1856Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5742 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  Bef 23 Nov 1776Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6047 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Ann  14 Jul 1851Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3380 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Barbara  15 Jan 1846Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7885 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Martha  Bef 13 Sep 1801Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7946 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Martha  19 Jul 1856Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5002 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Mary  01 May 1854Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6256 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Bailey, Beulah  1910Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4512 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Bennett, Anne  Bef 1813Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2006 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Bertola, Laura  2001Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11685 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Bidgood, Ann L.  Bef 31 Aug 1814Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I518 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Bidgood, Hannah  14 Apr 1801Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2511 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Bidgood, Richard  Bef 5 May 1806Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7278 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Bidgood, William  Bef 01 Nov 1784Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7245 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Booz, Ann  Bef 24 Feb 1857Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5731 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Booz, Jacob  23 Jan 1857Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3653 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Booz, John  Bef 14 Jan 1799Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3412 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Booz, John  Abt 1821Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5709 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Booz, Jonathan  Bef 24 Jun 1863Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5729 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Booz, Jonathan H.  1895Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5740 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Booz, Joseph L.  21 Sep 1852Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3385 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Booz, Peter  03 Jan 1799Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7425 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Bowman, Ann  Bef 26 Apr 1867Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I150 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Bowman, Hannah  1852Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2000 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Brelsford, Amos  Bef 3 Mar 1830Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2073 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Brelsford, Rachael  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3355 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Brelsford, Sarah  Bef 1838Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I166 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Brelsford, Zebdee  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3611 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Brodnax, Clara Randel  06 Jun 1891Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5226 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Brodnax, Joseph  23 Jun 1806Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1738 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Brodnax, William  Abt 1803Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1723 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Brown, Joseph  17 Apr 1796Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8105 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Brown, Sarah  Bef 26 Apr 1824Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3809 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Brown, Sarah  15 Mar 1839Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8053 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Bunting, Martha  Bef 1854Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5310 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Burton, Anthony  Bef 25 Jul 1801Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8136 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Burton, John  3 Sep 1835Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8138 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Cabe, Thomas  Bef 14 Jan 1809Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1838 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Clark, Eleanor  Bef 13 Jan 1767Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4675 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Cooper, Mary  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6229 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Dugan, Leonard  Jan 1988Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8230 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Everitt, Elizabeth E.  10 Feb 1910Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6588 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Gale, Isaac  11 Nov 1811Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8739 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Gosline, Abagail  9 Jul 1822Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3894 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Green, John  24 Sep 1796Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7096 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Green, John R.  Jan 1860Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6175 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Green, Robert Morris  Bef 09 Feb 1836Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7085 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Guyon, Elizabeth  Aft 19 Nov 1811Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I96 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Guyon, Robert M. H.  16 Nov 1905Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7732 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
49 Guyon, Stephen  1782Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I155 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
50 Hagstoz, Jacob  23 Sep 1862Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3352 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 

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Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Jennie B.  1923Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7494 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Mary  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7306 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Rosa C.  1950Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7495 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Allen, Harry E.  1951Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7497 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Bache, William  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1030 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Barton, Laura  09 Sep 1886Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6145 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Benezet, Antionette  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5568 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Booz, Janett  14 Sep 1908Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6197 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Booz, Jonathan  Jun 1863Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5729 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Booz, Martha E.  1860Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5741 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Booz, Sarah Ann  1926Bristol Township, bucks, Pennsylvania I5742 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Booz, Valentine  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7125 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Booz, William H.  1918Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5739 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Chambers, John H.  20 May 1929Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6227 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Chambers, Thomas  17 Mar 1977Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6228 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Corning, Matthew B  12 Jan 1971Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I921 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Fine, James S.  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1023 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Hibbs, Christina G.  03 Nov 1947Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I42 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Hibbs, Myrtle  08 Mar 1974Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I24 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Hutchinson, Sarah M.  1884Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5737 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 La Shell, Elizabeth  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7302 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Lavinia  13 May 1921Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3959 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Louderbough, William H.  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4079 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 McBrian, Laura  1938Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7304 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Minster, Carrie M.  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5064 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Naylor, Gustavis  07 Nov 1930Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4095 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Naylor, William  07 Jun 1894Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3956 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 O'Daniel, Elsie  02 Oct 1991Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2431 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Scheetz, Ida  03 Jul 1964Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1066 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Scheetz, Lloyd  07 Jan 1935Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1263 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Shippy, Hannah  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6111 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Shippy, Henry Lovett  1910Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6120 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Stackhouse, William K.  1931Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3334 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Subers, Lavinia  1923Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6124 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Vandine, Melvin F.  27 Dec 1969Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I58 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Weiss, Suzanna  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7126 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 White, Austen  1924Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7004 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 White, Mary W.  1960Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7496 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hibbs, Frank H  1892Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I253 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Stackhouse, Mary E.  1841Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4788 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Vansant, Joseph K.  1826Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2909 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 White, Peter  25 Jan 1813Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I532 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Appleton, Peter W.  1850Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3416 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Booz, Jonathan  1850Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5729 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Brelsford, John  1746Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3367 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Brodnax, Robert  1794Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I169 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Hibbs, Jacob  Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I95 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Hibbs, Stephen  1815Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I100 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Leatherbury, Charles  1950Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I53 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Leatherbury, George  1955Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I52 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Rue, Anthony  Between 1850 and 1860Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6458 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Rue, Richard  1856Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6440 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Vansant, William  1794Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3814 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Wink, Agnes L.  1903Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I707 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Probate   Person ID   Tree 
1 Johnson, Deborah  08 Sep 1770Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4377 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Johnson, Phillip  08 Feb 1797Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1492 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Lovett, Edmund  30 Apr 1782Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4115 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Nelson, Valentine  08 Jul 1790Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4420 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Sisom, Thomas  23 Jan 1749Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3697 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Fenton, John D.  1850Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I806 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Will   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  23 Oct 1776Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6047 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Bidgood, Ann L.  20 Mar 1814Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I518 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Bidgood, Hannah  02 Apr 1797Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2511 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Bidgood, William  10 Sep 1784Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7245 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Booz, Ann  5 Feb 1857Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5731 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Booz, Hannah  22 Dec 1858Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3365 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Booz, Jacob  7 May 1855Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3653 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Booz, John  16 Aug 1787Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3412 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Booz, Joseph L.  17 Sep 1852Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3385 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Bowman, Ann  13 Jul 1866Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I150 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Brelsford, Amos  11 Oct 1828Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2073 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Brelsford, Jessie  23 Jun 1858Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I332 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Brown, Sarah  21 Oct 1820Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3809 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Burton, Anthony  17 Feb 1798Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8136 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Cabe, Thomas  07 Apr 1808Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1838 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Clark, Eleanor  15 Dec 1766Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4675 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Everitt, David  14 Dec 1888Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6518 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Green, John  28 May 1796Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7096 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Guyon, Stephen  11 Sep 1782Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I155 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Headley, Amaziah R.  04 Sep 1852Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6987 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Headley, Joshua  20 Feb 1815Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2523 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Headley, Willaim  17 Dec 1835Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7007 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Hellings, John  23 Apr 1836Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2001 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Hewson, William  11 May 1802Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7108 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Johnson, Jesse  18 May 1812Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4385 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Kirk, Cornelia  08 Jul 1851Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6936 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Logan, Mary  18 Dec 1785Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2741 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Louderbough, John  15 Dec 1858Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3818 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Lovett, Edmund  10 Oct 1752Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7241 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Lovett, Joseph  18 Mar 1786Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7244 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Lovett, Samuel  06 Dec 1828Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3379 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Pursell, John  31 Jul 1777Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2659 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Richardson, Samuel  17 Apr 1824Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5005 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Shippy, Hannah  27 May 1871Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6111 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Simon, George W.  19 Jul 1887Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8468 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Stackhouse, Albert W.  15 Jul 1882Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7139 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Stackhouse, John  15 Jan 1845Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1534 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Stackhouse, Joseph  25 Aug 1883Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3337 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Stackhouse, Rebecca L.  8 Aug 1891Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7134 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Titus, Francis  22 Dec 1798Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7939 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Titus, Timothy  21 Feb 1801Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7942 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Williamson, Margaret  29 Aug 1749Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1511 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Winner, Joseph  11 Sep 1801Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7420 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Wright, Aaron  23 Aug 1803Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1727 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Wright, Andrew  19 Apr 1761Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5848 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Wright, Joshua  22 Sep 1818Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6899 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Wright, Joshua  28 Oct 1863Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6482 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Wright, Sarah  07 Nov 1814Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1724 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Shippy / Lovett  21 Nov 1844Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania F1193 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Praul / Milnor  5 Sep 1938Bristol Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2460 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore