Bucks County Genealogy. Hibbs, Pursell and related families
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Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania

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1850 Census Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1850 Census Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
John Smith
1850 Census Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1850 Census Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Jacob Pursell
1850 Census Nockomixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1850 Census Nockomixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Heny McFerren is living at the Gwinner Hotel.
1850 Census, Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1850 Census, Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Dennis Pursell, son Thomas S. is just above his in the census.
1850 Census, Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1850 Census, Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Brice Moore Pursell
1850 Census, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1850 Census, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania
John C. Pursell
1850 Census, Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1850 Census, Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
William Pursell, George Andrews
1860 Census Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1860 Census Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
John Houseworth
Land Plot
Land Plot
Survey of land in Nockamixon Township showing land of Thomas Pursell
1950 Census, Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
1950 Census, Nockamixon Township, Bucks, Pennsylvania
Thomas Pursell


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah  1805Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6104 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Cosner, Mary  1833Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8218 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Foor, Benjamin  1831Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1057 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Foor, Esther  1824Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1054 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Foor, George  1839Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1061 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Foor, Jacob  1814Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1049 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Foor, Mary  1818Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1051 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Foor, Ruth  24 Jan 1838Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1060 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Foor, Sarah  Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5101 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Foor, Sarah  1825Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1055 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Frankenfield, Charles  Abt 1870Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8208 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Frankenfield, Harvey  1875Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8207 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Frankenfield, John  1874Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8210 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Frankenfield, Stanford  1871Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8209 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Frankenfield, Stella  1872Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8206 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Gwinner, Amelia  1833Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8171 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Gwinner, Anna L.  1846Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8175 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Gwinner, Emma  1835Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8172 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Gwinner, George W.  1849Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8176 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Gwinner, Thomas  1838Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8173 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Gwinner, William H.  5 Dec 1840Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8174 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Harwick, Aaron  1824Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8239 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Harwick, John  1865Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8244 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Harwick, Joseph  Jul 1788Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8245 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Harwick, Martha  1863Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8243 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Harwick, Mary  1860Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8242 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Harwick, William  Sep 1861Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8235 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Houseworth, Benjamin  1869Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8213 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Houseworth, Josiah  Abt 1829Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8211 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Houseworth, Rebecca  1854Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8205 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Jamison, Unknown  1870Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2219 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Kohl, Emma  Jul 1866Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8322 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Lear, Jonas B.  Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8081 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Lear, Peter  1785Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5094 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Lear, Selina  Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8084 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Lear, Wilson B.  Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8082 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Miller, James  17 Nov 1845Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11723 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Pursell, Alice  Abt 1898Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1477 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Pursell, Ellen  28 Dec 1836Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1619 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Pursell, Hannah  Abt 1850Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1633 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Pursell, Jacob  26 Dec 1879Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2907 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Pursell, Jane  Abt 1791Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I897 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Pursell, Martha  26 Apr 1843Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2652 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Pursell, Martha A.  1863Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8080 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Pursell, Minnie  08 Apr 1872Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2220 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Pursell, Robert  30 Aug 1839Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2148 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Pursell, Seaman  Abt 1853Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1016 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Pursell, Thomas  Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1324 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
49 Pursell, Thomas  25 Aug 1769Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1064 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
50 Pursell, William  14 Dec 1884Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I413 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 

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Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  1867Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8240 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Blanchard, Hannah  15 Oc 1877Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2316 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Frankenfield, Eve  Between 1850 -1860Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8246 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Harwick, Joseph  1 Jul 1868Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8245 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Holdren, Benjamin  14 Oct 1844Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2114 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Houseworth, Josiah  Bef 31 May 1879Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8211 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Lear, Peter  Bef 6 Nov 1868Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5094 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Miller, John  17 Sep 1882Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1457 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Pursell, Elizabeth  Abt 1846Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2115 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Pursell, Thomas  15 Apr 1841Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1064 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Pursell, Thomas  Bef 25 Apr 1842Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1324 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Sigafoos, John  11 Aug 1857Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6105 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Templeton, Baltes  Nov 1850Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5654 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Pursell, John  1802Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I884 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Pursell, William  1815Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Dillinger, Stephen  1920Bridgeton, Nockamixon, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2883 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore