Bucks County Genealogy. Hibbs, Pursell and related families
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Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania

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Williamson & Johnson Cemetery
Williamson & Johnson Cemetery

1850 Census, Bensalem
1850 Census, Bensalem
Maria Coleman Hibbs, Clark Johnson
Land Plot
Land Plot
Isaac Larue, Shows divison of land to his children.
Land Plot
Land Plot
BC Orphabns Court Lawrence Johnson, Bensalem
Land Plot
Land Plot
John Baptist Clement Rousseau, Bensalem Townnship
Land Plot
Land Plot
Nicholas Johnson, Bensalem
1870 Census, Bensalem Township
1870 Census, Bensalem Township
Allen Vanzant
1880 Census, Bensalem Township
1880 Census, Bensalem Township
Alonzo Vandegrift
1860 Census, Bensalem Township
1860 Census, Bensalem Township
Allen Vansant
1850 Census, Bensalem
1850 Census, Bensalem
George Vandergrift
1870 Census, Bensalem Township
1870 Census, Bensalem Township
Theodore Everitt


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Frances A.  1825Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I450 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Unknown  Bef 1850Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8094 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Allen, Israel  29 May 1766Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6559 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Allen, John  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11519 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Allen, Joseph E.  1823Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6508 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Allen, Mary Ann  26 Oct 1809Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6654 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Allen, William  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11521 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Allen, William  Abt 1783Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6505 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Allen, William G.  1821Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6507 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Barton, Ellen Frances  Aug 1847Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6131 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Barton, Sarah S.  Abt 1850Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6142 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Benezet, Antionette  1828Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5568 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Benezet, Samuel  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8125 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Booz, Aaron  1842Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8100 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Booz, Allevia  Abt 1830Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8097 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Booz, Elizabeth  Abt 1820Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8098 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Booz, Sarah  1832Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8096 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Boring, E. Fletcher  Abt 1835Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6613 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Broadnax, John W.  15 Apr 1875Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5266 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Broadnix, Anna  1877Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5267 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Broadnix, Edwin S.  31 Dec 1907Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5284 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Broadnix, Edythe A.  1904Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5283 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Broadnix, James S.  Feb 1879Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5268 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Broadnix, Mary  1890Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5269 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Broadnix, Myrtle  Aug 1897Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5270 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Brodnax, William  Abt 1739Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1723 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Cooper, Ann  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4532 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Cooper, Benjamin  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4522 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Cooper, Catherine  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4525 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Cooper, Charity  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4530 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Cooper, Joseph  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4523 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Cooper, Letitia  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4533 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Cooper, Mary  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6229 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Cooper, Rebecca  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4528 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Daniels, Sarah L.  1855Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8688 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Daniels, Theodore O.  Oct 1865Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8681 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Darrah, Abraham  1823Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5826 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Darrah, Catherine  1836Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5827 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Darrah, Elizabeth  1839Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5828 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Darrah, Joseph  1866Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5320 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Darrah, Thomas  1800Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5825 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Everitt, Charles  Abt 1861Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7981 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Everitt, Edward  Abt 1863Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7982 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Everitt, John H.  Abt 1869Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7985 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Everitt, Laura  Abt 1865Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7983 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Everitt, William  Abt 1867Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7984 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Foster, Mary  Abt 1780Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I37 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Goforth, Elizabeth  31 Dec 1792Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6506 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
49 Goforth, John  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1262 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
50 Goforth, William  09 Dec 1810Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1495 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Eleanor  11 May 1815Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7974 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Ellen  1910Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7727 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Isabella  Aft 04 Nov 1807Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6558 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Mary  Bef 29 Nov 1769Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6351 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Sarah J.  1929Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8231 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Allen, Joseph  Bef 14 Mar 1803Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6647 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Allen, Mary Ann  Bef 1864Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6654 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Allen, William  Bef 24 Feb 1791Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7252 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Benezet, Anthony  Bef 22 Apr 1839Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8122 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Benezet, Samuel  Bef 8 Sep 1810Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8125 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Booz, Aaron  28 Nov 1864Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8100 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Booz, Samuel  9 Nov 1869Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6241 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Britton, Hannah  12 Aug 1802Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I571 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Coleman, Mariah  16 Aug 1853Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I463 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Cooper, Joseph  Bef 29 Sep 1789Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4455 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Daniels, Theodore O.  Aug 1918Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8681 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Darrah, Thomas  27 Oct 1872Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5825 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Gerdelmann, Marcella Anna  Oct 1979Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7443 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Gillingham, Jonathan Preston  05 Jul 1868Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I511 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Goforth, Ann  Bef 29 Dec 1807Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6597 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Goforth, John  Bef 23 Jan 1816Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1262 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Goforth, William  Bef 26 Jan 1803Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6592 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Grim, Rachel  1884Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7722 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Guyon, John  Bef 22 Apr 1809Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I486 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Guyon, John  Bef 1880Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7729 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Guyon, John Louis  Jul 1921Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7739 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Hasell, Anne  Bef 8 Sep 1810Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8128 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Hellings, John A.  8 Jul 1848Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I354 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Hibbs, Charles Coleman  Bef 24 Apr 1864Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I449 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Hibbs, Deborah  17 Mar 1842Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I461 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Hibbs, Eli  Bef 30 Dec 1818Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I244 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Hibbs, Jane  04 Jul 1809Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I355 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Hibbs, Jesse  03 Aug 1996Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4952 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Hibbs, Letitia  31 Oct 1837Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I460 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
35 Hibbs, Samuel  24 Oct 1844Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I104 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
36 Hibbs, Stephen Guyon  Bef 13 Mar 1865Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I446 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
37 Johnson, Abraham  Bef 22 Sep 1845Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1183 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
38 Johnson, Clark  1870Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I121 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
39 Johnson, Clark  1901Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7723 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
40 Johnson, Claus  Dec 1723Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I467 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
41 Johnson, Deborah  Bef 08 Sep 1770Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4377 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
42 Johnson, Deborah  26 Feb 1815Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I105 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
43 Johnson, Lawrence  1732Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3801 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
44 Johnson, Lawrence  Bef 31 Jan 1782Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4379 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
45 Johnson, Lawrence  Bef 30 Jan 1807Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4381 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
46 Johnson, Nicholas  Bef 4 Mar 1811Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7615 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
47 Johnson, Peter  Bef 6 Sep 1794Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4372 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
48 Johnson, Phillip  Bef 08 Feb 1797Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1492 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
49 Kinsey, Mary  14 Jan 1858Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8743 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
50 Knight, Rebecca  18 Oct 1834Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6598 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Laura C.  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5271 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Broadnax, Lewis  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5263 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Broadnix, James S.  BeachwoodBensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5268 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Broadnix, Russell  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5204 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Gokler, Susan  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5319 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Hibbs, Arthur Chapman  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I322 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Hibbs, James G  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I130 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Hibbs, Spencer Buckman  BeachwoodBensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I263 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Vandegrift, Mary  14 Mar 1871Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5321 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hibbs, Mariah Coleman  1855Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I452 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hibbs, Jonathan V.  1880Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2969 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Johnson, John  1900Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7726 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Willard, Benjamin  1860Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3951 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Willard, Thomas  Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3944 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Wright, Sylvester R.  1906Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4127 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Probate   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Joseph  14 Mar 1803Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6647 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hibbs, Augustine Arlington  1860Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I451 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Hibbs, Charles Williams  1860Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I453 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Hibbs, Clara Frances  1860Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I454 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Hibbs, Jacob R.  1850Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I280 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Hibbs, Mariah Coleman  1860Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I452 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Vansant, Joseph K.  1860Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2909 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Willard, John F.  1860Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3946 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Will   Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  20 Sep 1768Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6351 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Sarah  07 Jan 1796Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1493 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Allen, Joseph  16 Mar 1802Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6647 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Booz, Samuel  14 May 1862Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6241 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
5 Cooper, Joseph  23 May 1788Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4455 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
6 Goforth, Ann  04 Nov 1807Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6597 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
7 Goforth, John  24 Dec 1814Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1262 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
8 Goforth, William  22 Dec 1802Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6592 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
9 Guyon, John  22 Apr 1809Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I486 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
10 Hibbs, Charles Coleman  20 Apr 1864Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I449 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
11 Hibbs, Eli  17 Nov 1818Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I244 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
12 Hibbs, Samuel  14 May 1842Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I104 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
13 Johnson, Abraham  14 Aug 1845Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1183 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
14 Johnson, Claus  25 Nov 1723Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I467 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
15 Johnson, Deborah  05 Aug 1770Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4377 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
16 Johnson, Lawrence  08 Mar 1776Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4379 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
17 Johnson, Lawrence  10 Jan 1807Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4381 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
18 Johnson, Phillip  07 Jan 1796Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1492 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
19 Praul, James  12 Aug 1851Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6465 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
20 Ridge, Mahlon  13 Nov 1876Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3934 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
21 Ridge, William  13 Nov 1775Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5918 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
22 Rue, James  18 Dec 1759Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6342 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
23 Scott, Jacob  01 Feb 1827Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7295 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
24 Scott, Samuel  20 Nov 1848Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5954 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
25 Searle, Francis  26 Jan 1721Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I658 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
26 Tomlinson, Thomas  09 Jun 1759Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5917 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
27 Vandegrift, Abraham  02 Dec 1839Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5333 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
28 Vandegrift, Alice  18 Sep 1801Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7847 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
29 Vandegrift, Johannes  16 Mar 1732Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4155 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
30 Vansant, Harman  6 May 1802Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7973 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
31 Walmsley, Joan  06 Mar 1772Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5911 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
32 Weaver, Adam  12 Jan 1810Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6436 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
33 Williamson, John  29 Feb 1760Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3173 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
34 Williamson, Peter  7 Apr 1760Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3176 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Louderbough / Baker  23 Oct 1841Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2372 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
2 Naylor / Ridge  07 Dec 1843Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania F1334 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
3 Rue / Praul  13 Mar 1851Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2113 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore 
4 Guyon / Murray  19 Oct 1858Bensalem, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2504 buckscountyhibbspursellandmuchmore